Loot crate – March 

This months theme was PRIMAL

Ok so not a theme I was really looking forwards to so I wasn’t expecting much really 

Once you cut the tape and open the box this is what you see … first out is an overwatch tshirt , it’s a lootcrate tshirt and is quite thin and soft , I unfortunately don’t know anything about overwatch though so this totally missed the mark for me . I am however impressed with the quality of the tshirt 

Next is a lootcrate exclusive die cast metal Logan wolverine . This is pretty cool ! 
Looking in the magazine there are actually 3 variants and I am very pleased with the one I have 

Variants available to get 

Jurassic park sign – not something that appeals to me but the kids like it 

Predator bottle opened 

Again doesn’t appeal to me but who doesn’t need a bottle opener right ? 

As always the pin and booklet 

Geek rating 👾👾👾

Best – metals die cast 

Worst – tshirt (design) 

Lea xx 

March Birch box 

It’s that time of the month again ! 

I must say I was very impressed with this box ! This months box was a little different than the last few , it wasn’t the usual drawer type but a normal box style 

Everything was in another little baggy 

Ooohhh !!!! 

First up is Marcelle makeup remover ! 

Full price rrp £14.50

Next is the balance me instant life primer 

Full price rrp £22

Next is the benefit double the lip full size rrp £16.50

Korres shower gel full size rrp £8

Batiste 2-1 dry shampoo conditioner  full size rrp £4.49

Loved this box !!

Most likely to use : makeup remover , primer, dry shampoo 

Least likely to use : shower gel 

Team geek rating 👾👾👾👾

February Birch Box

Here’s the February birch box !

This is how it comes once it’s out of the outer packaging , it’s like a drawer type box.

I have a few of these now and I was going to glue a couple together to make myself a little stack of drawers ! 

Once you open the drawer this is what you see ! First impressions …..the makeup brush 😍

This is a tulip eye contour blending brush rrp £5.99

Next we have an eyeshadow pallet in champagne mocha full price rrp £15.99

Then we have a daily conditioning spray for your hair . Full price rrp £21 

Clear face care gel , full size rrp £5.69

Hydration mask full size rrp £29 for 6 (usually £66) 

Most likely to use : makeup brush 

Least likely to use : conditioning spray 

Team Geek rating 👾👾👾

Marvel collector corps – X-Men

Marvel collector corps box is a geeky subscription box that is powered by both marvel and funko . All items in the box are exclusive . 

I have had lots and lots of geeky subscription boxes over the years and this is by far my favourite box !

I have every box since launch !

This box was very VERY late getting to me but it is finally here and it was worth the wait !

Each box comes with their own design and is a different size and shape each month depending on what they add into it !

Once you cut the tape and open up the box this is what you will see (I sound like Nerdy Newb on You tube 🤣 check her out she’s great !

Each set comes with a patch and pin !

On the patch is Storm (comic book version) Storm first appeared in X-Men in 1976 in #102

And on the pin is magneto. As everyone knows his primary power is control over magnetism however he can also project and manipulate and form of energy that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum including visible light , radio waves , ultraviolet light , gamma rays and x-rays.

When you pull back the flap with the patch and pin on (these boxes are designed fantastic and always good quality !) you get this

On the top is a spoiler card , on one side the next boxes theme and on the other side is what is in the box and the design ideas and prototypes- this is just a descent addition and I must say I absolutely love it !

Here’s the other side 

Under the spoiler card is the comic , just like the patch and pin you always get a comic which is normally a variant cover  with original art work on it , usually Funko pop inspired .

Champions variant addition #1

Now we get to thsee good stuff !!!

Under the comic is a t-shirt , this is the first ringer T-shirt in a marvel collector corps box ! Shirts can come in xs – xxxl , they are quite big fitting and wash well .

I will add a picture of me wearing it later . We often see the shirts with a funko theme on it so it’s good to see a “Normal” shirt for once !

Under the T-shirt are these beauties !

First is one of the rock candy’s


You can see on the box the MCC exclusive sticker (the first few sticker designs were shocking 😝) My box turned up a little damaged which has happened with a few boxes

And finally …. A POP RIDE !!!! 

This is awesome !!!! This is the first pop ride in any of the boxes !

And that’s it !

With the exchange rates etc at the moment this box costs £34.61 posted so well worth the money

I highly recommend this box

Favourite item: Pop Ride

Least favourite: Comic

Click here to find out more about Marvel Collector Corps

Lea 👾