Pamper and Plan Spa Weekend 2017 (Part One)

Pamper and Plan was created on the way home from the UKPA big meet . 

We realised that alot of us had crazy busy lives and lots of responsibility and deserved a weekend to ourselves. 

We wanted the atmosphere to be very relaxed with no rules .

We wanted everyone to be able to just sit and chat and show off their planners and favourite crafts . No husbands/ wives/partners , no kids . Just complete me time ! 

So Pamper and Plan was created , between Michelle Mills at Ugly Bug Plans and Kelly Bendelow at Hazydays UK and myself .

We chose the village hotel Newcastle as our venue . I have been there numerous times for weekends with my sister and husband and have always enjoyed myself. 

They have facilities such as spa , gym , pool, pub, Italian restaurant, a conference centre and even a Starbucks all on-site ! 

The plan was to have the Saturday as the main plan day and the Sunday as the main Pamper day . 

Friday 3rd March 2017

Michelle , kelly and myself travelled up on the Friday afternoon . The amount of stuff we had to take was unreal ! I was sat in the very back of Michelle’s car/van/minibus. πŸ˜‚ 

Once we arrived we realised we had a couple hiccups to contend with ! 

We recited our mantra a few times 

stay calm, relax, no stressing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

The lift was out of order , which was champion with a bazillion cases and boxes and p&p members with various different ailments 

Then we found out that we no longer had the BIG 150 capacity room we had booked 6 months previous but had been given two smaller rooms , next to each other but still split up …….. We later found out the reason why , (a terminally ill bride with weeks to live) of course we had no problem with the move and would of gladly planned in the Starbucks on the floor of we had to ! However it would of been appreciated if we had been given a heads up before we arrived ! 

Once we got our stuff into one of the function rooms we started getting the goody bags ready . 

I purposely left my fitbit at home thinking I would embarrass myself and do 30 steps all weekend as I was …… Relaxing ! 

Little did I know that I would do about 67 miles walking around 50 bags over and over and over again putting all of the stuff in them . There was an insane amount of things in them ! We hadn’t seen it all together before as each of us had different items sent to us . The generosity of the donations to the bags was fantastic ! 

I had been making items for the bags for months before hand ! 

I had made name badges for everyone ….. Now if you are a member of my Facebook group , or read my blog or know me in general you will know that I am awful when it comes to spelling and grammar ! Seriously ! So I thought oh I will copy Michelle’s list…… Little did I know that Michelle had just speed wrote the list 😝

I asked michelle and Kelly to check my spelling on everything however whenever they came to mine we always got distracted by planners so it wasn’t until the friday that we realised that there were a couple of mistakes ! I apologise to the couple of people who had bits wrong and to Natalie who just had a completely new surname πŸ˜‚ if it’s any consolation it amused michelle so much she nearly wet herself πŸ˜‚

Stay calm, relax, no stressing !

I made lots of little bits and bobs including

  • Envelopes
  • Invitations
  • Welcome letter
  • Weekend info letter
  • Letter seals
  • Letter sticker sampler
  • 2 page countdown set
  • Name badges
  • Personalised candles
  • KitKat wrappers 
  • Bag tags
  • Bag stickers 

And a few other bits and bobs I’ve forgot about . 

Once all the goody bags were made up we headed to the pub as people.were starting to arrive . I was VERY anxious however it was great ! 

Here’s some pics if my club room ! It was huge ! 

I was shattered but I was waiting for the most important guest of all ! My best friend Lou ! She was coming up from Telford and I haven’t seen her in ages ! I was desperate for her to get here !  

Despite the horrific weather and traffic she arrived late evening and was created with this πŸ˜‚

Some crazy hot chicks waiting in bed for her 😍

Saturday 4th March 2017

Lou and myself got up early and went down for breakfast …… Breakfast at the village is divine ! So so nice !!

We then went down to sort my stall out and to get a few other bits and bobs ready. 

Michelle’s stall 

My tombola table , I have had a condition called Lipoedema since I was 9 , I am in pain 24 hours a day , there is a treatment however it isn’t funded by the NHS so my tombola was to help raise funds for that . The support from everyone totally overwhelmed me ! Special thanks to Suzy Stick it and Laura cairns for donating to it too 😘

The Geeky Planner stall 😍 massive thanks to my bestie Lou who manned my stall all day while I was chatting with everyone ! 

HazyDays UK

The raffle table , we had a bit of a panic on when we got there as we could only find about 4 things for the table however as you can see we needn’t of worried there were loads of great prizes ! 

Scarlett Moon Crafts by the lovely Alyson 
In the other room there was also Suzy Stick it and Mrs Brimbles

On the night time we went for a meal then headed back to the conference rooms for pamper & plan after dark ! 

Thanks to the gorgeous Lindsay and Jess I tried a dress on too ! I loved it and they blew my mind away when they gifted it to me ! #plannerfriendsmakethebestfriends 

I can’t wait to wear it at scotcon ! 

Then we headed back to my room and played Cards against Humanity until after 2am 

Sunday 5th march 

On the Sunday I slept through my alarm for …….nearly 2 hours !! 

We then went to breakfast …… The village breakfasts are the best ! 

I had a back massage and a facial it was lovely !! 

Once we got home , I discovered that I had stolen the planner princesses EC 😱 

Overall it was such an amazing weekend and I can’t wait to do it all again !!!
Lea πŸ‘Ύ