Loot crate – March 

This months theme was PRIMAL

Ok so not a theme I was really looking forwards to so I wasn’t expecting much really 

Once you cut the tape and open the box this is what you see … first out is an overwatch tshirt , it’s a lootcrate tshirt and is quite thin and soft , I unfortunately don’t know anything about overwatch though so this totally missed the mark for me . I am however impressed with the quality of the tshirt 

Next is a lootcrate exclusive die cast metal Logan wolverine . This is pretty cool ! 
Looking in the magazine there are actually 3 variants and I am very pleased with the one I have 

Variants available to get 

Jurassic park sign – not something that appeals to me but the kids like it 

Predator bottle opened 

Again doesn’t appeal to me but who doesn’t need a bottle opener right ? 

As always the pin and booklet 

Geek rating 👾👾👾

Best – metals die cast 

Worst – tshirt (design) 

Lea xx 

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