It is our choices that show us who we truly are !! 

Which one will you choose ?

These sets have been requested lots over the past year , and since my trip to Florida I have been desperate to do them myself but thought what’s the point of a green house etc without the main wizards ! 

I was over the moon once I found the right graphics ! 

I created them in the order of 

Green house

Red house 

Blue house 

Yellow house 

This will come to no suprise to those who know me as I have an unreasonable hatred towards the colour yellow ! 

I could of made these sets all 10 pages each as there are loads and loads Of things I wanted to do ! However settled to my normal 4 page sets 

However I am planning on doing the following for each house …… eventually so please bare with me ! 

  • Vertical
  • Geeky scene
  • Horizontal
  • Happy Planner
  • Mini happy Planner
  • Monthly (all 12 months) 

As well as a few single pages of certain stickers such as the half boxes and the appointment ones 

They are all in my usual 4 page style , the deco page, functional page, full box page and the washi and header page . 

Red house 


Green house 


Blue house


Yellow house 


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